Radio Physics announces successful Security & Policing

March 9, 2020

Ely, UK, 09 March 2020: Radio Physics today advises huge response to Optracon at Security and Policing exhibition.

Response to OptraconTM the companies fully automated concealed threat detection solution, shown at this years Security and Policing show has been hugely positive, states Mark Pritchard, SVP Sales & Marketing. “We had many visitors to our booth at the show and interest in our technology was very positive, the recent changes we have made to the product are being received with enthusiasm. Our stand-off solution is now driven by AI from HD video overview cameras becoming fully automated and operating in uncontrolled crowded public spaces. In doing this we have delivered the most important operational features that our customers have been asking for”.

About Radio Physics 

Radio Physics design and manufacture Optracon, a fully automated, stand-off concealed threat detection solution based on mm wave radar technology. Detecting mass casualty threats including concealed assault rifles, machine pistols, PBIED’s and large bladed weapons at distances exceeding 30 metres. 

Having spent several years inventing and augmenting millimetre wave radar technology to detect concealed threats effectively and accurately at distances of 30 metres, Radio Physics is the world leader in stand-off concealed threat detection. 

Radio Physics is committed to improving public safety, making the world a safer place and saving lives, allowing unrestricted free movement of people in open public spaces and giving people the assurance to go about their everyday lives in safety and with peace of mind. 

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