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Radio Physics Solutions announce participation in person-borne threat detection trial

August 8, 2021

Radio Physics is pleased to announce participation in a trial to identify which stand-off detection
technologies, can be utilized to detect person-borne threats such as weapons, concealed under
clothing amongst a large crowd approaching a public event location, whilst ensuring the crowd is
free flowing and is not interrupted.

In collaboration with the Netherlands organization for applied scientific research (TNO), Dutch Police
and Netherlands MoD, several detection technologies will be deployed to detect threats, concealed
on the body in groups and crowds of people approaching a stadium scenario, walking freely in open

Mark Pritchard, CCO said: “We are delighted to be participating in this trial, to identify which detection
technology or combination of technologies should be deployed for specific crowd scenarios, to provide
the maximum security for public safety.”

About Radio Physics

Radio Physics design and manufacture Optracon, a fully automated, stand-off concealed threat
detection solution based on mm wave radar technology and multiple uses of artificial intelligence.
Optracon detects mass casualty threats including concealed assault rifles, machine pistols, PBIED’s
and large bladed weapons at distances exceeding 30 metres.

Having spent several years inventing and augmenting millimetre wave radar technology to detect
concealed threats effectively and accurately at distances of 30 metres, Radio Physics is the world
leader in stand-off concealed threat detection.

Radio Physics is committed to improving public safety, making the world a safer place and saving lives,
allowing unrestricted free movement of people in open public spaces.

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