Radio Physics appoints Robin Piek

June 7, 2020

Ely, UK, 07 June 2020: Radio Physics today announces the appointment of Robin Piek.

Robin will be responsible for leading the development of OMCS, Optracon Management Control Software, and importantly its user experience .

Alan Whitfield, Chief Technology Officer of Radio Physics Solutions Limited said: “We are delighted to welcome Robin to our team. Optracon, our stand-off detection solution is making great changes in the concealed threat detection space and Robin will be crucial in developing OMCS, bringing with him extensive experience in the design, development and deployment of novel wide area automated and semi-automated surveillance and detection technologies in industrial and commercial applications around the World” .

Robin said: “I am delighted to join this pioneering technology business, leading the way in stand-off concealed threat detection. In developing OMCS I will keep a keen focus on effective system architectures and solution orientated development, to ensure we deliver the most capable and user- friendly experience possible”. 

Robin holds a BSc in Physics and Computer Science with an honour’s degree in Computer Science. 

About Radio Physics 

Radio Physics design and manufacture Optracon, a fully automated, stand-off concealed threat detection solution based on mm wave radar technology. Detecting mass casualty threats including concealed assault rifles, machine pistols, PBIED’s and large bladed weapons at distances exceeding 30 metres. 

Having spent several years inventing and augmenting millimetre wave radar technology to detect concealed threats effectively and accurately at distances of 30 metres, Radio Physics is the world leader in stand-off concealed threat detection. 

Radio Physics is committed to improving public safety, making the world a safer place and saving lives, allowing unrestricted free movement of people in open public spaces and giving people the assurance to go about their everyday lives in safety and with peace of mind.

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